Guitar Repair #305-#308 - 4 guitars various cracks - Acoustic

J&D DG-610CE
2 screws that couldn't hold the bridge
They never did.
 Plastic plugs hid them well though
Bridge reglued and now being plugged with wood.
 Glued this joint that was split at the glue joint. The longer the joint was open the darker the line will be. Could have been invisible had it been repaired right after it happened.

Amari AM-Baby
Look at the bridge...
 ...quite bizarre
 Glued the broken pieces
 Then reglued it back to where it will live for a long time, hopefully.

Tokai EA25SBL
Lifted bridge..
...despite 3 bolts (they never does the job well). 
 The unsuitable solution
 Causing more harm than good.
Time to remove the stressed bridge.
 Clean up for a solid glue joint
Patch the bolt holes, prepare the gluing surface for regluing.
 Bridge reglued and damaged top touched up.
 Nice tight fit
 Another angle

 Washburn C104SCE
Badly damaged side needing an impossible invisible repair
Make it strikingly visible then!

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