Making a guitar is a dream I fulfilled in 2005.
My father passed on and my way of mourning for the man I most respect and loved, I build a guitar with woods that he used for the erhu he built (watch my story). Hence, I was known as The Paulownia Guitar Maker. See this guitar

I also build with traditional woods - German/Lutz/Engelmann Spruces, Indian/Brazilian rosewoods, Koa, Ziricote, Cypress, etc

I make them slowly.
One at a time.
My own legacy of guitars made in Singapore.

See My Work

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Amour Pur 이태현 from “Marriage Contract” 결혼계약 結婚契約 Guitar Fingerstyle with TABS

Amour Pur 이태현 “Marriage Contract” 결혼계약 結婚契約 Guitar Fingerstyle with  TABS ($0)