Neck making

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The excess wood behind the heelblock is being cut on my new 'toy" - a Metabo bandsaw.
Oh what fun. Easy and fast!
The neck up till now. Back to the bench for measurements.


Selection of soundboard, back and sides. Back and soundboard jointed

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Selected soundboard, sides & back.

Back being planed for the perfect joint.

The 2-piece bookmatched Paulownia back being glued.

Here is the jointed back. I used animal glue.

Here are the jointed back and soundboard.

Cut to rough shape. Soundboard. Sides. Back.

Closeup of your bookmatched sides.

Guitar Travel

Guitar travel - Yokohama, Japan

Friday, August 23, 2013

Subway, Yokohama
This trip to Japan is many fold. A break from the usual routine, network, award to be offiicial technician for all repairs/servicing of Yokinobu Chai's (maker of Niibori Guitars) guitars in Singapore, visit Mr Chai's and Mr Sumio/Testuo Kurosawa workshop and also to touch, see, play some historical guitars, '29 Santos Hernandez, '73 Hermann Hauser II, III, 2013 Greg Smallman, Ignacio Fleta, '71 Jose Romanillos, among many others. Last, but not least, the main excuse for this trip is to attend JGA Guitar Ensemble Competition - http://www.jsgec.net.

It's summer and it's hotter than Singapore. But awesome time for thirst-quenching summer fruits and perfect excuse for

Excuse me for not posting for a while. Expect more to come!

With Mr Chai

Mr Kurosawa selecting a maple set for me.

Favourite Guitar I
Favourite guitar II

Sal's Flamenco

Sal's Flamenco - sanding

Thursday, April 19, 2012

  The tuner slots are rammed.

The entire guitar goes through a thorough process of sanding.

The entire guitar is cleaned with naptha from all sanding dust, let dry, awaiting to be finished.

Sal's Flamenco

Sal's Flamenco - gluing the bridge

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I made a vacuum pump from a compressor a couple of years ago, when I was swamped with repair work, especially bride reglues. It worked great for that period, re-gluing many bridges, including a Paul Fischer, Paulino Bernabe, among very many others. Just 2 weeks ago, it failed! So it's back-up plan, to the bridge clamps I go.
Left her clamped up overnight and chiselled clean the glue squeeze out.