Guitar Repair #256 - Guitar Assessment - 2012 Kenneth Hill - Classical

2012 Kenneth Hill #3243
Spruce Top
Rosewood Back
Centrestrip/Back Graft
Soundports on either side
Eevated fingerboard- 15mm off the soundboard
Here's the diagnosis: Low saddle
High action @ 12th fret - 8/32". Acceptable- 4/32" - 6/32"
If you sight down the edge of the fingerboard,
lining up the beginning and end of the fingerboard (see the red dots),
you see that they line up to "hit" the bottom of the bridge
See what I meant? If the the neck angle is healthy, it should hit the middle of the bridge.
This is how you spot a neck angle problem on a Classical
Similar on the treble side

This guitar came in as a setup request. On checking, this guitar is suffering from a serious neck angle issue.
Advising that a setup will not help, and suggest other repair options, including the possibility of sending it back to Kenny.

On her decision, I undertook to photograph and do an assessment of the guitar, which the client successfully informed and Kenny Hill was kind enough to recall the guitar and undertake to repair or replace the guitar, on condition of covering shipping both ways.

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