Trip 2 to KL

After 2 weeks plus of non-activity in Awesome Leisure due to my exodus from Toa Payoh North, this trip is imminent, especially after missing the KL travel fair 3 weeks ago due to partner's illness.

Already emotional during the Johor birthday trip with wifey yesterday. Just felt  sensitive all day, like it was before when I was young.

This morning, saying goodbye to her, mon gave me a red packet of ringgit and wish me a 全部顺顺! She had wanted to give the ringgit to me but I refused it earlier.

Then hugging Carrie and wifey at the breakfast table, bid Wifey goodbye at the door.

Frustrated at the luthiery stores to clear at home

Yesterday morning, after curry bun breakfast with mom, started to open up second batch of boxes to store them in the house. Daunted, I frustratingly told mom that I feel like throwing them all out!

But I remembered the whatsapp post in Goldie's group, to ask "Holy Spirit, help."

I asked.

Peace came.

Then I dare to work it out. With mom's help, it was enjoyable and manage to pack it to the storeroom and atop wardrobe without much fuss. Also throw out some unwanted stuff from storeroom!

PTL! Stress and worry not, Meng. God supplies!

Out of TPN at last

Chng fetch me from home on Sunday. Had prata breakfast at Ayer Rajah then to a full van of my stuff, back home.

Then, PTL, 1st enquiry out of God's favour, to buy dust collector!!!

He is to buy the drill press, bandsaw and my 2 workbenches eventually, on Monday!!! Praise Jesus!

Ended in Pasir Ris, to bring up my Kapur bench to Chng's, but it was raining. We ended with 6 Carlsberg and yummy French fries and fried chicken.

Monday, Mike came to help paint, while I hitch a ride home from the buyer to collect the two benches from home. Mom we going out to Esplanade, so had to be home.

Went back to a full load in Mike taxi. Fetched Sam, went for fish steamboat at Clementi Weat St 2.

Praise Jesus.

Next day, Kevin fetched me to collect his spray equipment from studio, where I handed the key to Nari via the mailbox!

Ended the day in Kevin's where I tried his new Claudio, his 11th and 12th.

Home after Teochew porridge lunch at Upper Serangoon.