LMI professional binding machine

Routed the top nicely stopping at the mitre at the tail evenly.

At the back, the rout came in unevenly!!!

I was devastated and disappointed at this "pro" machine. But can't be the 15' radius, as this machine is suppose to go around that. I continue to rout the staircase and the unevenness in height was very bad! 3/32" at tail and 1.5/32" at the upper bout towards the heel!

Then I realized the guitar was not set to uniform height! She (Wilfred Chan) was much higher on either bout.

Kept me thinking, so I came to a presumption that this may be the factor. I then routed the back staircase, making sure I was uniformly even in height.

The rout was perfectly even!

The conclusion was that the uniform height of guitar is utmost important for this machine to work!

Praise Jesus for this machine. I ask Lord, that You help me to prosper even in this mistake. Bail me out Lord!