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Amour Pur 이태현 from “Marriage Contract” 결혼계약 結婚契約 Guitar Fingerstyle with TABS

Amour Pur 이태현
“Marriage Contract” 결혼계약 結婚契約
Guitar Fingerstyle with TABS ($0)

Sal's Flamenco - fretting

After final sanding of fretboard, fret slots are deepened to accept the frets

All frets installed.

Fret ends are cut with end nipper.

An 8" file (in background) ground the ends perfectly flushed to the fretboard, then slightly bevelled inwards.

All frets are markered black prior to levelling.

The 14" file levelled the frets flat.

The flattened frets are crowned and ends are filed super smooth to touch.

This concludes the fretting of Sal's flamenco guitar.

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