Sal's Flamenco - the bridge

For this guitar, I specially chose the lightest rosewood blank from my stock, as the Flamenco bridge will be significantly longer than usual (18mm longer than the '33 Santos Hernandez!), to achieve the greatest efficiency of the whole box, from the bridge point of view.
Firstly, the nut slot is routed.
The front of the tie block is established with another slot.
Two more vertical routs will determine the wings.
The wings are shaped by chisels, instead, to avoid more saw dust, which power tools, do create lots more. I felt my process with the chisels, scraper, and sandpaper is just as fast, if not more satisfying.
The wings on the bass side is more or less done.
Both wings are completed. But, the Sal Flamenco's bridge is only halfway there.