Sal's Flamenco - installing first binding strip

The four rosewood bindings for this flamenco guitar, had to be pre-bent to shape before installing unto the ledges. At 2.5mm, the rosewood bindings are too stiff to flex itself round the guitar's profile. It's an extra step to bend them accurately for the perfect installation. But it looks good and protects the guitar against minor daily knocks.

These are a few sheets of the veneers I have in stock. The top (chocolate) sheet is walnut and the lower two are lightly figured maple. They are 0.5mm thick, among the thinner varieties of veneers around. They are fragile, crumple easily and are prone to tearing, just by looking at it! Oh yes, the purflings in this guitar are made from strips of them. The back has single purfing, that is-walnut/maple, while the top has double purflings.

The first binding strip has been glued down, held on by masking tapes.

The mess after unmasking...

A little cleanup with a scraper at the tailend, to prepare for the other binding pair.