Sal's Flamenco - end graft

To work on the endgraft, the assembled guitar is clamp with four cam clamps as pictured. Simple method, just have to make sure they are lined up properly against the lining edge of the top and back to avoid fracturing the thin plates. I may build a more permanent guitar holding vise in the near future, I don't know, but this works for now and it doesn't take long to setup.

Here the groove for the endgraft must be trimmed carefully with a razor knife and chisel.

The groove is complete.

The endgraft of rosewood to match the bindings. The tapered rosewood is lined with maple/walnut purflings on either side, now being glued down with a long cam clamp, as shown below ------>

...about an hour later...I'm back to the workbench, scraping the rosewood end graft flush with the sides