Sal's Flamenco ~ Top bracing

A Spruce bracing blank sawn to the length of the longest brace.

The blank is not perfectly quartersawn, so splitting is necessary to yield quality stock, despite some wastage. Quality is foremost.

Some of the prepared stock for bracing the top.

Workbench. More bracing stocks on the right (spruce & cedar at bottom).

2400sgd for matt's pink winx club guitar!

i wouldn't consider sold until i collected the deposit, but matthias has verbally agreed to the 2.4k tag for the customised guitar.

this tag comes after conservatively calculating my cost:-
360 - dmarzio pickups
120 - schaller tuners
73 - 6 pt. tremolo bridge
80 - nyatoh timber
20 - frets
100 - electronics
200 - colour & finishing
200 - soft case

total est. cost = 1153sgd for labour cost or profit of 1247sgd

hope to bring the cost down somehow, by God's grace & wisdom.

thank you Lord!

matthias - 2nd visit

matt came today at 630pm. had dinner, then talked about his guitar till 745pm.

no korea pickups, so either dimarzio or seymour duncan....ummm $360 for that.

he seems to want floyd rose so another $4-500, as quoted by swee lee guy (sims drive) today on phone (nice guy, helpful)

also asked about nyatoh but still no reply, even when i called back 4+pm.

then tuners probably sperzel - $200 plus replacment white pearloid buttons.

cost over 1k just for materials!


tesla pickups in sg - - $200 for 2 humbuckers

tremolo bridge - Gotoh/Wilkinson VSVG $200

Wood - nyatoh body - spoke to mdm lai on 20/2 3pm, say will ask boss to call me later about price. dimensions:-
Neck - 25" x 2 1/4" x 3/4" - 3 pcs
Body - 20" x 13" (not sure got size) x 2" - 2 pcs

San Ho Timber Pte Ltd 2 Bukit Batok Street 24 #01-09/10 Skytech
Singapore 659480 Tel/Hp : 65601545,65602874 Fax : 65670442

machine heads - sperzel or schaller - s$150

pickups shortlist

Seymour Duncan SH14 Custom 5 Alnico Humbucker Pickup

DiMarzio Fast Track 2 Humbucker Pickup

Air Norton™ neck s$180
Evo 2™ bridge s$180

Sal's Flamenco ~ Top | Rosette

The rosette is being glued unto the top.

Rosette while being scrape flush with the top.

The steel scraper used for this process.

Rosette scraped flush with top.

The soundhole is being cut out with a razor blade mounted on a flat stick. Absolutely dust-free cutting!

Sal's Flamenco ~ Top | Rosette Channel Routing

Rosette Channel Baseplate
I've only used the traditional handtool chisel method before, for the rosette channel. Here, I'll attempt to use a laminate trimmer for this process. The original baseplate (right) is too narrow, so with a 5mm thick 6"x7" acrylic, I drilled at least two series of 1.5mm diameter holes as pivot points for the router centre, 1/8" apart. The four holes are stepped drilled for the screws to secure onto the main base. The centre hole for the router bit is drilled with a circle cutter.

Drafting top outline with template
Next, drafting of the top outline with the template.

The centre of soundhole is determined and the soundhole, inside & outside diameter of the rosette is drawn with a compass.

Here, the new baseplate is secured to the main base, and pivoted on one of 1.5mm holes as the centre for the router to rotate. The inside diameter of the rosette is being routed.

The matched 1.5mm nail hammered to the workboard and top, with its head trimmed off, serve as a reliable pivot for the router.

A second rout is for the outside diameter of the rosette. Noticed the circular scratch marks on the soundhole area. They are caused by the burrs of the many drilled holes on the new baseplate. With a #2000 sandpaper, they got a good scrub for a smooth bottom!

After another two more routs, the rosette channel is completed. It takes a little longer to get it set-up and whirls up more dust, but in return you get a perfect channel with a consistent depth.

Sal's Flamenco ~ Neck

Slots were roughly removed with coping saw cuts.

Gotoh™ Classical Tuners with brushed matte finish, beveled plates fitted with oval, grained ivoroid buttons. 14:1 gear ratio, 70mm (35mm) post-hole spacing.

The machine heads are test fitted.

Front view.