Paulownia Guitar ~ Completed

Paulownia top

Paulownia back

12-hole rosewood bridge with tapering wings

Paulownia neck

End graft of rosewood

This guitar was french polished, except that it's not glazed at the time when the photos were taken. It will be more glossy when glazed. Audio sample of this guitar can be heard at Add me there!


  1. Anonymous12/3/09

    I may have put a previous comment in the wrong place so forgive this repetition.
    The Paulownia guitar is superb! The recording shows clarity of sound; the pictures give a good idea of the high quality of your workmanship. This is the first guitar I've seen made of this wood; an excellent creation!
    Thank you for the fine photos.
    Ken Okines

  2. Hi Ken, great pleasure to have you visit. Your kind words are truly my inspiration. I'm glad you like the guitar. It was build almost entirely of Paulownia, as a dedication to my late father. I'm now building a traditional flamenco, except that the back and sides are of Paulownia. You may follow the build here -

    Keep the music alive!


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