Guitar Repair #237 - Setup - Blueridge BR-160 - Acoustic

Blueridge (Made In China)
Serial 06041244
Model BR-160

Bridge modification with setup.
Kept the previous string (Gauge 12)

Feeling more at home in church; More repair job from church; Closer to PM

Praise Jesus!

I'm serving not just as a guitarist and logistics. Also setting up the Merry Band and making them sound good!

Also this is at least 2 weeks in a row that I carried a guitar (last week 2!)repair job home.

But most of all, PM played a fool with me! During Merry Band, he flicked my right ear and moved to the left! I went there and hugged him sideways! Wow PTL. I felt more at home.

Later during lunch, he sat next to me and we chatted about how his daughter tunes her guitar. He said "never"! I shared about wood being hygroscopic and humidity. He felt I was another level. Ha. But it was great bondi

Guitar Repair #231 - New Saddle/Setup - 2002 Andrés D. Marvi - Classical

2002 Andrés D. Marvi #143
The saddle as it came. It wasn't fitted to the slot and
there were strange v-slots for the strings
Here's the compensated saddle that was crafted to fit the slot perfectly
for a drastic change to the sound output.

The fretboard is slightly back bowed. All sort of buzzing issues.


Nasal on the trebles especially the B string. Not powerful as expected for the laminated sides and 4 back braces. It sound little plasticky. But the open E is quite satisfying.

Could be a loose saddle, it doesn't look like it's from the maker. Could be the 7 fans quartersawn on the side instead of on top.

The slight elevated FB maybe helped a little to reach the 13th fret, but I realised, that the extra neck wood on the higher frets doesn't necessarily make the higher frets sing better. Some Spanish guitars sings beautifully without it.

The sound was restored overtly after a perfectly crafted saddle. That was why.

Work done:-

1) Frets levelled by pounding
2) Action balanced at nut
3) FB and frets cleaned and oiled
4) Tuner gears oiled with superior lubricant; screws tightened
5) Custom crafted compensated bone saddle. Perfectly intonated
6) String dink repair - filled and finished with shellac

Guitar Repair #230 - Bridge Repair/Re-glue - Synchronium - Classical

Client's way of waterproofing his axe, in case it rains while he biked here.
First thing was to remove the bridge
Right wing was badly damaged due to previous repair
Patched the gap with ebony dust
Smoothed the fill
Positioned for re-glue
Vacuumed clamp
Looks as good as it was before

Guitar Repair #227 - Bridge modification - Yamaha FG-330 - Acoustic

Yamaha FG-330. 40+ years old. Either well maintained or under-played guitar. Mint condition.
Original bridge with a low saddle
Action is 5+/32". Way too high for comfortable playing

Lovely action at 3/32". Plays like butter now!

Cleaned and oild the fingerboard of 40 odd years of dirt and grime.
Glad to restore to her former glory and many more years of worship