Guitar Repair #223 $ #224 - Setup - Yamaha FX310A/Cort - Acoustic

Yamaha FX310A (indonesian) - Gauge 10 (original)
Cort (no label) "Handcrafted in China"

Guitar Repair #222 - Headstock Repair/Tuner Gear Replacement - Esteve 12 - Classical

Repair headstock damage - couldn't locate the photo of the after repair. It was restored to my delight.
Also replace 3rd string tuner gear

Guitar Repair #218 - Bridge Re-glue - Alhambra 4PA - Classical

Alhambra 4PA
7-fan with closing bars; 2 cedar harmonic bars. Rough cut out braces, didn't sand smooth, wood burrs still very visible, but all radially cut. That's why it works. Sound- good presence. Not shy.