Guitar Repair #204 - Loose Back Brace/Setup - Paulino Bernabe Especial - Classical

Powerful sound.

- Back brace loose, too many silica gel in his Hiscox case!
- neck angle problem, will lowered saddle action as much as I could.

Guitar Repair #203 - Recrown Frets - Little Martin - Acoustic

Sitar sound on 1st 3 frets. Thought it was saddle flat crowning. But it was the frets.

Recrown 1st,2nd and 3rd frets.
Remove tissue paper shim at saddle for perfect action.
Hammer some uneven frets, clean and oil FB, clean head
Restring her strings (Elixir).
Over lowered the 1st and 2nd string slots at the nut - baking soda and super glue trick to raise the slot.