Thomas reviews Disem guitar

Today, he said more things he like than don't like.


6th is piano sound; too "much", whatever that means.

Guitar not talked to, caressed, loved, pampered. Felt as a maker, I am just making for the sake of making. Step 1, 2, etc

Fretboard, rounded like Samsung Note.
He quote YuLong Guo, has good sound, nice playability like mine. But he has a super rounded fretboard edge, cannot even feel the frets. But felt too expensive for a Chinese made!

Loud yes. Always shouting. No character. 



Surprisingly, he likes the Taiwanese tuner!

Good trebles. Everything good except the 6th string. Reverse of what he said in the past!


Flamenco sound.


On asking him about marketing my guitars, he said must put it to a shop.

He talked about giving him exclusive for Singapore. Asking 40-50%. Will sell this to his international contacts and travel.

Asked if my guitars are ready for he world. He said Yes man!!!

Praise the Lord!!!!!

He said that if I sayang my guitar more. I'll cross over to the next level!

Parting shot. "You are allmost there, my friend"