Kevin Loh visits with Marcus and Abby

Whatsapp me through Manuel.

Kevin is Very polite boy. Incredible, virtuosic yet not pushy on the strings. Class!

Marcus is friendly enough.

Abby reads. Well behaved.

Well brought up children.

First proper recording with Hunter 26/10/15

His Mrs came, photographer. She did the video on my iPhone.

Manuel does his audio recording with his Mav running pro tools and his 2 really good mics!

Guitar Repair #193 - Setup/Fret Work - Michael Thames "La Leona" - Classical

Frets lowered:-

Nut slot raised on 6th and 1st string

FB cleaned n oiled

Tuners oiled

Guitar Repair #192 - New 36mm-spacing Nut - Sonora - Classical

Converting a 43mm to 36mm nut spacing.

This is the cheapest way to make your guitar from a full size to a 7/8 size!

Hunter visits and played Wilfred's Ngoh guitar

Manuel came last Friday and we had a good reunion of sorts.

Today. he brought Hunter whom we were talking about.

What a blessing to have a concert guitarist play my guitar!!!

Had recorded 2/3 of his playing on the iPhone.

He liked my guitar, saying eventually that there's nothing to picked on, except mentioning that may be because of its shorter scale that the first string string doesn't really wants to stand out as much as he wanted. He asked Manuel for his opinion but Manuel doesn't have that issue.

Manuel turned to me while Hunter was playing that he wanted to order my guitar!!!


p.s. - Sidney came in the morning to jam. Presence of the Lord gave me so much favour.

Manuel Cabrera II visits | Wilfred's Ngoh guitar

"...this is a proper concert instrument...but needs to be tested in a concert hall."

"more Japanese than anything..."

"Deep basses, lush tones, not too dry as a Spanish"

Had our first beer at cafeteria 1008 - draft Asahi!