Jeanne EF Classical BRW upgrade!

Today, first time back to the studio after resting my knee, since last Saturday. Aircon is still down, but next door's provided some relief. But not much.

Anyway, after depositing S$2000 to me for a Ngoh guitar, today I let her choose her wood. She's quite delighted and all curious. She doesn't like boring QS stuff! Haha! On second thought, this may be a worldwide phenomenal towards crap tonewood! Anyway, customer is always correct.

She saw my latest 2 Ziricote sets and loved it. Eager to see my BRW, she was cool when she saw my orange set from Brazil. But, loving unique and colorful pieces, she liked the one from Indo. Even her top, she likes the colour variant of the Lutz spruce. And it already has the Suara Mas rosette!!!

Upcharged her S$1000!


With discount from S$4800, it's like giving the BRW for free!

My first Ziricote...

Wow, 3 blessings today alone!

My first Ziricote arrived last night actually, just brought it to studio today.

In fact not just one, but two sets and also comes with spruce top each!

From the taiwan eBay seller that I've been eyeing their eye candy guitars and ukulele a few years back.
Wow, ship the two items in 2 days! Paid Monday, shipped Tuesday, received Thursday!

Guitar Repair #148 - String Change/Fret Work - Roberto - Classical

A low-end Roberto Classical from a centre for dementia kids in Toa Payoh.