Guitar Repair #153 & #154 - Shipping Crack - 1982 Masaru Kohno Concert/2006 Antonio Marin Monter #803 - Classical

Cracks due to long overseas postal handling. To avoid GST tax, client under-declared instruments made insurance claim neligible, if any. Sad story. But lesson learnt. S$2000 mistake.

It's cheaper to:-
1- pay for fast courier
2- pay for your insurance
3- pay for GST by correct valuation of instruments

1982 Masaru Kohno Concert
1) Tail crack repair w/re-finishing

2006 Antonio Marin Monter #803
1) Soundboard centreseam splint insert - from bridge to tail end
2) Refilling scratch/dinks; French polish entire guitar

Guitar Repair #152 - Setup/Winter Crack - Esteve12 - Classical

Esteve 1GR12 496 1/4/04
1) Soundboard centreseam splint insert - from rosette to bridge. 4 1/4"
2) Soundboard crack reglue - from bridge to tail. 5 1/2"
3) Setup with D'addario EJ45

4th Ngoh Guitar (#5) order - Wilfred Chan IRW/Spruce

Wilfred Chan
Kevin Yeo as agent (1st time)

S$6,800 + S$300 IRW upgrade (the one I bought from Ashok for US$120!!! So must up charge!)

Kevin's commission - S$7,100 / 1.2 = S$1,183

I get S$5,917.

Guitar Repair #151 - Neck Split/Finish Crazing - Ovation - Acoustic

Ovation 223598:-
Neck laminate split repair
Complete fret dress
Soundboard finish cracks x 2
D'addario EJ26

Guitar travel - Yokohama, Japan

Subway, Yokohama
This trip to Japan is many fold. A break from the usual routine, network, award to be offiicial technician for all repairs/servicing of Yokinobu Chai's (maker of Niibori Guitars) guitars in Singapore, visit Mr Chai's and Mr Sumio/Testuo Kurosawa workshop and also to touch, see, play some historical guitars, '29 Santos Hernandez, '73 Hermann Hauser II, III, 2013 Greg Smallman, Ignacio Fleta, '71 Jose Romanillos, among many others. Last, but not least, the main excuse for this trip is to attend JGA Guitar Ensemble Competition -

It's summer and it's hotter than Singapore. But awesome time for thirst-quenching summer fruits and perfect excuse for

Excuse me for not posting for a while. Expect more to come!

With Mr Chai

Mr Kurosawa selecting a maple set for me.

Favourite Guitar I
Favourite guitar II

Jeanne EF Classical BRW upgrade!

Today, first time back to the studio after resting my knee, since last Saturday. Aircon is still down, but next door's provided some relief. But not much.

Anyway, after depositing S$2000 to me for a Ngoh guitar, today I let her choose her wood. She's quite delighted and all curious. She doesn't like boring QS stuff! Haha! On second thought, this may be a worldwide phenomenal towards crap tonewood! Anyway, customer is always correct.

She saw my latest 2 Ziricote sets and loved it. Eager to see my BRW, she was cool when she saw my orange set from Brazil. But, loving unique and colorful pieces, she liked the one from Indo. Even her top, she likes the colour variant of the Lutz spruce. And it already has the Suara Mas rosette!!!

Upcharged her S$1000!


With discount from S$4800, it's like giving the BRW for free!

My first Ziricote...

Wow, 3 blessings today alone!

My first Ziricote arrived last night actually, just brought it to studio today.

In fact not just one, but two sets and also comes with spruce top each!

From the taiwan eBay seller that I've been eyeing their eye candy guitars and ukulele a few years back.
Wow, ship the two items in 2 days! Paid Monday, shipped Tuesday, received Thursday!

Guitar Repair #148 - String Change/Fret Work - Roberto - Classical

A low-end Roberto Classical from a centre for dementia kids in Toa Payoh.

Touru Koyabashi visits PGS

Kevin planned a visit from Kobayashi to my studio a week ago.

He came yesterday with a energetic 19 year old interpreter.

He seems happy with Sal guitar and Paulownia guitar (priceless he says).

He say he will buy if maple/spruce. gave great tips-have a label, name the guitars.. Kevin says he dun say what he dun mean it. so I feel favoured when he says some guitars he dun wan to play

Ngoh Guitar - Luo GuoJing

I used Jelutong for traverse bar above the soundhole. The upper traverse bars are Paulownia.

Guitar Repair #146 - Setup - Yamaha - Classical

Repaired Yamaha classical. Received acoustic "Segovia" brand as collateral.

Guitar Repair #145 - Setup - T. Haruo - Acoustic 12-String

Complained of breakage of 3rd octave string when tuning up.
Upon inspection, could tune up without any problems, the only thing is high action - 4+/32" at the 12th fret. Due to 30 years age, the fingerboard on the soundboard has curved down towards the back.
But it seemed the saddle have enough height to reduce the action to 4+/32".

Media debut - The Business Times (weekend)!

Email interviewed by The Business Times (weekend). Surprise to find them putting me on the cover page of the topic on handmade goods.