Sal's Flamenco - sanding

  The tuner slots are rammed.

The entire guitar goes through a thorough process of sanding.

The entire guitar is cleaned with naptha from all sanding dust, let dry, awaiting to be finished.

Sal's Flamenco - gluing the bridge

I made a vacuum pump from a compressor a couple of years ago, when I was swamped with repair work, especially bride reglues. It worked great for that period, re-gluing many bridges, including a Paul Fischer, Paulino Bernabe, among very many others. Just 2 weeks ago, it failed! So it's back-up plan, to the bridge clamps I go.
Left her clamped up overnight and chiselled clean the glue squeeze out.

Ngoh Guitar Order - #2 Chng All-Paulownia Flamenco

Just met Chng @ canteen to confirm order and put down all his ideas into paper. Hesitated until the end to his bargain to $3500, since he wants all-paulownia,  can do lah!!! Some more get his own case!! haha!

Back - 3-pc Paulownia with rosewood centre
Sides - 3-pc Paulownia with rosewood centre
Top - Paulownia
Bridge - curve at the back with sloping wings
Head with simple up-ward curve
Tuners - pegs or machines or planetary gears @ extra

But one thing that mars the meeting is the constructive comments he made - workmanship finer please!!!

He found my bridge making on his guitar a bit rough, since he says he works with german precision machines and all that, he cannot stand imperfection and also tuning machines with slack!

Ok Chng noted.

Anyway, thank you Jesus for this order!

Sal's Flamenco - the bridge II

Once you have used the 12-hole design, you won't look back. This bridge is designed for a forty five degree break angle.
To achieve a half inch tie block, I need to shave a bit off the edge from the back.

After further profiling on the front and the wings, the bridge is sanded smooth and clean with naptha.
Despite the length, the completed bridge stayed sub-20.