Guitar Repair #113 - Bracing Re-glue/Shellac Soundboard & Back - Paulino Bernabe Especial - Classical

Guitar issues:-
Back brace rattles
French polish for top n back (mold patches on back)

Guitar sound description:-
Box resonance at C.

Basses thumpy, not as singing as the trebles. Bass/trebles very balanced.

Back only 2 traverse braces! No wonder the back seem very loose, not tight as others
Top got 3 straight braces with two symmetrical slanted fans on both sides for a 5 symmetrical fan bracing. Simple design but the grand sound.

Top - 4-piece spruce

Mold - Lazar - Elevated Fingerboard


Planned to buy the T & E-nuts from Yong Seng, then the bolts from the humble bolt uncle opposite shop. In the end, bought the whole deal from Yong Seng - $40!!!

Clockwise from topleft:-

1) M6 screws 2" x 2pcs (FOC) (upper mold tail)

2) M6 screws 3" x 24pcs $12.50 (spool clamps)

3) M8 bolt 2.5" x 10pcs $2.50 (upper mold)

4) M8 bolt 4" x 10pcs $5 (upper to base)

5) M8 washers (FOC; for (4))

6) M8 E-nuts 25pcs (needed 21) $10

7) M6 E-nuts 29pcs (needed 24) $7.50

8) M6 wingnuts + washers 24pcs $5 (spool clamps)

Asked for $40 instead of $42.50. Felt slightly better but a feeling too ex still. Felt a little sad for me and the other humble uncle.

I went back to claim the 24th M6 3" screw and ask for a M8 wingnut - he asked for 20c!!!

Guitar Repair #112 - Setup - Yamaha G-228 - Classical

Restored to her full potential, sound and appearance.
Polished whole guitar with swirl remover.


Frederick Damian Baptist - got my contact from online ad I think.

He plays classical/acoustic/electric, like me wanting to play electric at first but ended up with classical at first, but realise no need!

High action. 12th fret, 6th string at 6.5/32". Set to 5.5/32"

Guitar Repair #111 - Fret Work - 2006 Matsumura.M Special - Classical

Buzzing problem on the 2nd string. This guitar has a slight back bowed fingerboard. File a number of frets for a pseudo-relief - 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th fret, and becomes less of a problem!

Amour Pur 이태현 from “Marriage Contract” 결혼계약 結婚契約 Guitar Fingerstyle with TABS

Amour Pur 이태현 “Marriage Contract” 결혼계약 結婚契約 Guitar Fingerstyle with  TABS ($0)