soundproof foam mattress

know hua foam from forum talking about cushion seat.

so enquired hua foam about foam mattress - 2" for soundproofing (they got like-customers) on 29/10, thurs.

ordered the next and today i was suppose to go collect but they said cannot fit into taxi, so they delivered to me FREE!!! Hallelujah!!!

6' x 3' x 2" - $20 per pc (they quoted me $24 on thurs, but when asked me for price they quoted me, i remembered the forum had a guy got the $20, so i said as such and she ok-ed!!!)

total plus gst $278.20

bought max bond (construction adhesive) plus extractor $8 from 148 lor 1 hardware shop, becos the hua foam lady forget to put in the glue, she wanted to sell me!

Guitar Repair #19 - Bridge Reglue/Soundboard "Winter" Crack/Refinish With Shellac For Soundboard- '93 John Hall - Classical

1993 John Hall

Handsome Acacia wooden case

Carbon fiber braces

Bridge was reglued after soundboard was sanded down

French polishing the soundboard - 1st session only

  • Top centerline crack throughout
  • uneven frets. they move somehow with fingerboard from 11th fret onwards (buzzing on most frets before 11th fret)
  • he wants to restore as much, including french polishing for whole guitar, but i suggest just the top and freshen up sides n back
  • tuners slip for 4th and 3rd string pegs, may change if grease don't help.

Guitar Repair #18 - New Nut For Smaller Hands! - Yamaha CG-130A - Classical

Alice wanted to buy a guitar for her daughter, a size bigger than 3/4 but smaller than a standard size. That sounds like a 7/8 size guitar. So i suggested to customise the nut instead for a closer spacing of 37mm, to feel like a 7/8.

Too bad, I haven't got photos to show here.

wondercurl top sets arrived...

today came home to see my wondercurl arrived!

it was only a day before when i paid the shipping to vpost!

vPOSTUSA Base Charge - (SGD) 12.40
Weight Charge - (SGD)17.20 (actual Wt 2 kg; vol wt 0.8Kg) (Chargeable Wt 2 Kg; min 0.5 kg)
The tonewood costs me usd200

it's my first time using vpost and it's pretty cool and economy!