soundproof foam mattress

know hua foam from forum talking about cushion seat.

so enquired hua foam about foam mattress - 2" for soundproofing (they got like-customers) on 29/10, thurs.

ordered the next and today i was suppose to go collect but they said cannot fit into taxi, so they delivered to me FREE!!! Hallelujah!!!

6' x 3' x 2" - $20 per pc (they quoted me $24 on thurs, but when asked me for price they quoted me, i remembered the forum had a guy got the $20, so i said as such and she ok-ed!!!)

total plus gst $278.20

bought max bond (construction adhesive) plus extractor $8 from 148 lor 1 hardware shop, becos the hua foam lady forget to put in the glue, she wanted to sell me!

Guitar Repair #19 - Bridge Reglue/Soundboard "Winter" Crack/Refinish With Shellac For Soundboard- '93 John Hall - Classical

1993 John Hall

Handsome Acacia wooden case

Carbon fiber braces

Bridge was reglued after soundboard was sanded down

French polishing the soundboard - 1st session only

  • Top centerline crack throughout
  • uneven frets. they move somehow with fingerboard from 11th fret onwards (buzzing on most frets before 11th fret)
  • he wants to restore as much, including french polishing for whole guitar, but i suggest just the top and freshen up sides n back
  • tuners slip for 4th and 3rd string pegs, may change if grease don't help.

Guitar Repair #18 - New Nut For Smaller Hands! - Yamaha CG-130A - Classical

Alice wanted to buy a guitar for her daughter, a size bigger than 3/4 but smaller than a standard size. That sounds like a 7/8 size guitar. So i suggested to customise the nut instead for a closer spacing of 37mm, to feel like a 7/8.

Too bad, I haven't got photos to show here.

wondercurl top sets arrived...

today came home to see my wondercurl arrived!

it was only a day before when i paid the shipping to vpost!

vPOSTUSA Base Charge - (SGD) 12.40
Weight Charge - (SGD)17.20 (actual Wt 2 kg; vol wt 0.8Kg) (Chargeable Wt 2 Kg; min 0.5 kg)
The tonewood costs me usd200

it's my first time using vpost and it's pretty cool and economy!

Amour Pur 이태현 from “Marriage Contract” 결혼계약 結婚契約 Guitar Fingerstyle with TABS

Amour Pur 이태현 “Marriage Contract” 결혼계약 結婚契約 Guitar Fingerstyle with  TABS ($0)