Lesson 3/20 - 3/7/18 - Bring Back The Slur Warmups

Sight reading

Everyday read one new piece.
Today's material - Fernando Sor - 20 Etudes Pour Guitar (a. Segovia)


The trill should be executed with even volume in both the pulled-off "b" note and the hammered "c#" note. Your problem was a softer "c#" due to lack of swing in executing the hammer-on technique. Work on this to achieve even volume in both notes for an elegant ornament!

Also, make sure the last note of the trill be clear and slightly more pronounced (in volume). This can easily be achieved by a very light rest stroke of the pull-off finger to rest on the next string.

Three Pieces No.3

Section A - 1st 2 lines keep it at piano (relax your right fingers), especially line 2. Make sure your melody can still be heard clearly though

Section B - Last 2 lines - play at your normal volume

You must have a distinct change in volume from A to B and then back to A


Start the piece with same volume/energy as you ended Three Pieces No.3. Play the piece in a free time to contrast the 1st 2 pieces which are strict time. Use ritardando at the end, slowing down as if to doze off to sleep.