Lesson 15/20 - 9/5/18 - Sight-reading / Rhythm Practise

We kill another really basic but super important element of music today - rhythm!

Basically, you just need to quantize your quavers, triplets and semiquavers. All these subdivisions of  beat have a flow in them, just like speaking. So using a 2-syllable word to time your quaver is a great way to quantize them. For example:-

Image result for crochet note
Image result for quaver
    AP       -      PLE
Image result for quaver triplet
 PINE     -   AP      -   PLE

Image result for semiquaver note
Wa        -      ter      -      me     -       lon

Challenge 1:-

Image result for rhythm practice worksheet

Challenge 2:-

Image result for semiquaver rhythm practice worksheet