Lesson 14/20 - 2/5/18 - Kiss The Rain (sight reading)

Keep up your metronome practise!

1. Decrease your tempo for the scales as discussed to achieve 100% rhythmic control, before you increase further.

2. Your scales sounded a little detached, but that's because you didn't have 100% rhythmic control at the faster speed you were playing. But you regained control after you were asked play slower. So the solution still is 1.

3. Do include 1 new piece to sight read
Strategy for sight reading during the 30 secs before playing:-

  • key signature
  • time signature
  • determine which beat the first note(s) come in
  • look out and solve the chords with the most notes
  • look out for high notes and determine the position to play them in
  • if still have time, play through the piece
Use this from now on, to cultivate a habit. You will find your sight reading will improve and thereby improving your speed of learning new pieces also.

Sight reading - Kiss The Rain:-