Lesson 9/20 - Periods Of Music


1. Periods of Music (years may differ slightly)

Medieval (500–1400)
Renaissance (1400–1600)
Baroque (1600–1750)
Classical (1750–1820) - 
Romantic eras (c.1780–1910)
20th century (1901–2000)

Example music

2. Listen to elements of music:-
1. Pulse
2. Accentuation - accents

From these 2 elements, you can tell the time of each music - 2 time (2/2; 2/4), 3 time, 4 time, etc.

Go through the Aural mp3 and you'll get a good idea of requirements.


Memorise 2 or 3 a week. Know them really well. Keep an even volume and a tight rhythm.

Some ways to make your practise more varied:-
a. Tear them apart and practise them in small sections each time
b. Play piano (softly), forte (loudly), in crescendo (louder when accending) and decrescendo (softer when descending)
c. Record and hear back your own playing. Fix it, and repeat, until they sound like you wanted them to.


Try feeling "up" in a phrase. This takes unnecessary stresses on certain notes within a phrase. Again record and hear back your own playing to verify if you like the end result. If not, try it another way