Lesson 20/20 - 28/12/17 Nevicata (pg2, lines 1-7)


Please do all your grade 5 technical exercises. You would have gone through L/R hand coordination (scales); L hand (interval scales). However, the arpeggios aren't guitaristic, as in it doesn't move your R hand as much. I suggest to add:-

R hand studies, for example from Christopher Parkening Book I:-
1) Allegro, pg57
2) Prelude in C major, pg 64
3) Study #25 & 26 (highly recomended), pg 71
4) Etude, pg 81

Also include a slur ex.!
1) Christopher Parkening Book II, Ex. 5,6,7a,7b or
2) Chromatic slurs from last week or
3) Create your slur ex. from pieces you are learning! One stone kills 2 birds! For eg. Nevicata, pg2, line 4, bar 1.


Well done on your graded pieces! Now that you have learned them well. We should keep them fresh and not overplay them, and yet not being complacent and neglecting them. If you feel, you are overplaying them or they become dry. Try these few ideas to keep them fresh:-

1) Copy the score a few times, over time. Eventually, writing them out from memory. Easier said than done. But this enhances your visual and aural cue of the piece. And you will know the piece inside out.

2) Frame the handwritten score on your wall, as a decoration! This makes the piece valuable!

I'm sure you can come up with other ideas, do share with me, when you have.

Nevicata (pg2, lines 1-7)