Lesson 19/20- 21/12/17 Chromatic scale in slurs


Chromatic scale
Do play 3 octaves starting on E, on top of the exam scales. It’s a great scale to practise left hand positional posture.
You can also turn this scale into a slur ex., as we did in class.

Do keep all your scales legato all the way. Record and listen to certain note changes that you may have played with slight, unintentional staccato. It’s only very slight, but this determines the men from the boys!


Well played on your exam pieces. Look forward to YT videos of the other 2 pieces. Remember, you are using YT as a platform for performance and archive of your musical journey.

Also, as a side note, I highly encourage you to sight read pieces outside what we do in class. Take some pieces from Christopher Parkening and Time Pieces, that we have not done. Just enjoy playing them. You may include this in your practise session right after your warmup, for about 5-10mins. Or you may want to allocate a special 30-45min session, just for this. You may or may not want to learn them by hard, but playing them gives you more experience and also improves sight reading. Above all, it’s quite a lot of fun, exploring new territories!


Remember to do your interval singing ex.