Lesson 15/20 - 17/11/17

Remember our 45-minute practise routine sessions?

Warm up (6-8mins) - Practise (30mins) - Play (7-9mins)

1) During "Practise", keep your no-tempo, minimum pressure-light finger microscopic practise on difficult or problematic parts of a piece. I believe this lifestyle of slow practise keeps you in-form most of the time - makes a really consistent performer!

"As a musician, it's all about your repertoire!!!"

2) Take the previous pieces that you have memorised before, and include them in your "Play" time! You should have quite a number of them, right? (we spent some time on them before!) These are precious - they are your repertoire! As a musician, it's all about your repertoire!!! You may find that your "Play" may go overtime, in that case, it would be wise to rotate the pieces, but playing them all eventually in a week or so.

Keep the music alive.