Tone Wood Fraud Seller visits Singapore

Made a preorder with this Indian RW supplier, which is way cheaper than Ashok!

Ordered 40pcs of RW FB for guitarron supports (for 20) and
RW bridge and 1 Grade A luthier set.

But Shital Goradia came in at 9+ instead of 8:30am and brought only 33 RW FB, 8 thinner ones, 5 RW bridges and 2 ebony (1 jet black 1 brown!) FB.

He only charge me for 35 RW FB and 2 ebony FB - $2 x 35 + $8 x 2 + shipping = US$100 or S$137.

We chatted well and further chat at 111 coffeeshop about guitar productions info, like Gibson and Fenders produced in India. I also ask to work with him to sell his wood.

He will be giving me a list of price breakdown.

We parted and he suggested having dinner on Sunday night with each others family.

Interesting meeting.