Guitar Repair #196 - Setup - 2011 Karl Heinz Rommich - Classical

Low action and neck angle slightly too positive- fingerboard lineup to more than half the bridge height, thereby buzzing on basses.

A high 10th fret also causes buzzing on C# note on 9th fret.

Pastor Matthews

Pastor Matthews comes in as Zone Pastor for East. Met him today at MBS

Discovered Kremona pickup detachable

Yesterday, saw this item.

Perfect for me. No holes needed!

Simple but brilliant design.

So now on the way to Sim Lim Square, see can DIY or not...;)

Catch up with Chee Heong

Been a while.

He text me in the morning, after I had a dream last about him! Our families meeting in Australia, and he was driving and didn't know how to, heading north.

He's full of work/business experience.

No regrets. There's always give and take. Get something, lose something.

He wants to explore LED business (green tech; natural power) I Australia.

Timber flooring for Aussie homes

Asking what ideas he have for me on what to do after 3 months, he said,"做熟不做生“

Do what I know.

Maybe do it another way. Another packaging.

Suspension lifted

First day of a brand new life.

Got on bus 201, and my farecard reads $3.33!


Just remembered, this is God's telephone number - Jeremiah 33:3!!!

The Lord said to me, 'Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.'

Touched. Shed a tear on the Circle line, on the way to teach Eugene and Francia.

Praise the Lord! Let Your fingerprints amaze me Lord. What a way to commemorate - to serve the Lord in music tomorrow!

Kevin Loh visits with Marcus and Abby

Whatsapp me through Manuel.

Kevin is Very polite boy. Incredible, virtuosic yet not pushy on the strings. Class!

Marcus is friendly enough.

Abby reads. Well behaved.

Well brought up children.

First proper recording with Hunter 26/10/15

His Mrs came, photographer. She did the video on my iPhone.

Manuel does his audio recording with his Mav running pro tools and his 2 really good mics!

Guitar Repair #193 - Setup/Fret Work - Michael Thames "La Leona" - Classical

Frets lowered:-

Nut slot raised on 6th and 1st string

FB cleaned n oiled

Tuners oiled

Guitar Repair #192 - New 36mm-spacing Nut - Sonora - Classical

Converting a 43mm to 36mm nut spacing.

This is the cheapest way to make your guitar from a full size to a 7/8 size!

Hunter visits and played Wilfred's Ngoh guitar

Manuel came last Friday and we had a good reunion of sorts.

Today. he brought Hunter whom we were talking about.

What a blessing to have a concert guitarist play my guitar!!!

Had recorded 2/3 of his playing on the iPhone.

He liked my guitar, saying eventually that there's nothing to picked on, except mentioning that may be because of its shorter scale that the first string string doesn't really wants to stand out as much as he wanted. He asked Manuel for his opinion but Manuel doesn't have that issue.

Manuel turned to me while Hunter was playing that he wanted to order my guitar!!!


p.s. - Sidney came in the morning to jam. Presence of the Lord gave me so much favour.

Manuel Cabrera II visits | Wilfred's Ngoh guitar

"...this is a proper concert instrument...but needs to be tested in a concert hall."

"more Japanese than anything..."

"Deep basses, lush tones, not too dry as a Spanish"

Had our first beer at cafeteria 1008 - draft Asahi!

领导班2 & Brewerks

Here I am again at Brewerks!

Last week, celebrate promotion to Manager at Nefful.

First time, was 2 weeks ago, with DiY.

Today learnt about professional image at Nefful leadership class 2.

How to present myself, shake hands, how T-up my up lines, AGM. NET.

Learn that smile can go a long way. Talk only when other party open up and smile back.

NET Yip Poh Cheong 翊綺领袖 recalled that in took 3 meetings in lift with neighbour before she finally open up and smile back that she introduce how she maintain her youthfulness by wearing Nefful. She finally called her for the Nefful name card, bought only elbow guard and socks, but 2 days later, invested one set!

Also, how to T-up upline to introduce  to prospects.

Where is best seat in car to give to VIP

Awesome class, but I clamour up a bit! Though I want learn more. Now, drinking to relief myself!!!!!!!!! wtf! Relax also lah khehe!!!

VCM exam board talk

Attended below.

Met Joseph Tan, Michael Gaspar, Francis. 

"Hi Thiam Meng... how are you?There is a new examination board in Singapore from UK - Victoria College of Music (VCM) since 1890, which has classical guitar, strum & sing, ukulele, piano,  voice, speech, etc. 

The chief examiner, Dr June Fileti is here in Singapore and would like to meet up with teachers and educators:

Date: Tuesday, 8 Sept'15 Time: 9-11am followed  by short reception ..
   Tomas Music School 
    #01-98 Roxy Square II
    50 East Coast Rd
    S' 428769

Thus is by invitation only. Pls advise & reply asap as the seating is limited - only two seats available. 

Thanks and have a great weekend!


iPhone 6 crack again

Dropped my phone due to powerbank case too smooth!

One crack line only though. So no need too careful next time le! Hehe!

PTL. Anyway, Father restore!

Repair cracked iPhone6 screen

Broke on 26/7/15 when drop from the broken plastic bag when taking out from my pocket on the bike.

Finally surrendered. Repaired at TBP from JY recommendation. $160. Plus free tempered glass screen protector

Christian Natajaya Last Lesson | Fender Strat adoption

Yesterday, had our final lesson. Gave him and Clara a Maple pen with name engraved.

Upon asking, he let me keep his Strat!

Met Diana Yin with the axe at Paris Baguette after class.

Ngoh Guitar - Wilfred Chan

Strung up on Tuesday, 28/7/15. Glorious silky sound! What a volume for a 640! Alongside Kevin's 1971 Romanillos, comparable!!! If not, silkier and more balance.

But the first string was having sitar sound. Realized I had not rounded the compensated filing, and the saddle was a little tipping forward.

Yesterday, fixed those two points and it was great. Intonation adjusted but not perfect on A string, but acceptable.

One eye jack Pineapple conure

Adopted a conure today from yesterday's ad I put on Gumtree to adopt parrots!

PTL! He (Raymond) even drove to me at West Coast Plaza at 12:10am! Some more free carrier, small pack of seeds and unopened pack of millet spray! Wow how gracious!!!

Learned that graciousness translate into passion in another's eye!

Just thought I will name him/her Jackie, since he mentioned it as "one eye jack pineapple conure"

He was brought to a Vet after some injury to the eye. Said was cataract but Ray doesn't agree.

Said he will give me more birds if he has like-birds.

He breeds pineapple conures and sells them online. $400 a piece!


10 anniversary

Father's 10th anniversary today.

After lessons with Hooi and Jeanne Cheah, decided to make replica of langtingtang.

After 6 hours, now at Alexandra Village Market with an Anchor beer to put the icing on the cake!

Thank You Jesus for saving my father!

Guitar books from Christian

What a blessing! I inherited all of Chris' guitar score books since he is moving to Univ of Texas for his Chemistry Degree

Guitarron support

Did 9 for Kevin Yeo so far

9/2/15 - 1pc
27/2/15 - 6pcs
10/4/15 - 2pcs

Paid $500 - 25/3/15
Balance $310 - 12/5/15

LMI professional binding machine

Routed the top nicely stopping at the mitre at the tail evenly.

At the back, the rout came in unevenly!!!

I was devastated and disappointed at this "pro" machine. But can't be the 15' radius, as this machine is suppose to go around that. I continue to rout the staircase and the unevenness in height was very bad! 3/32" at tail and 1.5/32" at the upper bout towards the heel!

Then I realized the guitar was not set to uniform height! She (Wilfred Chan) was much higher on either bout.

Kept me thinking, so I came to a presumption that this may be the factor. I then routed the back staircase, making sure I was uniformly even in height.

The rout was perfectly even!

The conclusion was that the uniform height of guitar is utmost important for this machine to work!

Praise Jesus for this machine. I ask Lord, that You help me to prosper even in this mistake. Bail me out Lord!

LMI binding carrier

Use it for the first time on Wilfred's guitar.

Despite the uneveness of the body on either side of the upper and lower bouts, I manage to level the guitar with the carrier's micro adjuster.
Applying the elastic cord before tightening the 16 holding screws
 Flip the back around, but one of the side keep coming loose
due to unevenness on either of my sides! (uneven sanding of the back!)
Happy that the tool could even out my imperfect guitar!

Last respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

I decided to join the queue to the Parliament House to pay my last respects to Mr Lee.

I felt I cannot not at least do something. It took 4hours instead of 8. PTL.

The wait was hot, started close to 3pm at the Padang, snake to Esplanade, under the Anderson bridge.

When I neared the Parliament House, as they play the tribute on TV, emotional overwhelm me almost to tears. The charismatic man who when he was alive could change the atmosphere of a room. I never had a chance to be in a room when he was alive, but I feel that even today, in his casket, he exudes that energy!

When there, saw his photograph, then the 4 solemn facedown guards, as I near the casket, I stopped barely a second, and took a "thank you Me Lee" bow from my heart. Then I saw the group of solemn group of chair people. It was all gone too soon.

But I am glad I made this 4-hour wait, to pay my last respect to this great man.

Binding broke!

Today, was bending the binding w/purflings for Wilfred's guitar in pairs, as per Cumpiano book, which I have been doing I think, for the last 4 guitars (I did not bound Caleb's ukulele).

But it just wouldn't bend at the waist enough! Eventually, without warning, while holding it cool, it broke!

I was devastated, but immediately, there was a force that comforted me! (Not because Hooi was with me, doing his lining for the back, and he did not ask why I exclaimed) I fixed it by super glue, and I did! Not so perfect, but at least I dun have to make another pair!

Then......having to bend them separately, I found out that one strip bends like wire!!!

Praise Jesus!

Guitar Repair #185 & #86th - Side Crack/Machine Head Installation - 2008 Esteve PS70/2007 Esteve 7SR - Bass/Classical

1 Esteve PS70 2008 1) New guitar machine head plus
(Bass)     installation  
2 Esteve 7SR 2007 1) Side crack repair – 15+”

Touro Kobayashi

Touro, Kelvin and Jomel visited me today at 6:30pm. Thought they will come at 7pm, I was still halfway in my first Tiger at the canteen!

They had fun with Tia and I sense his disappointment when I didn't have anything to show him.

So I showed him my langtingtang and he played on it! Ha

Also told him to his surprise that I can only hear on my left ear.

Also he played Sor variations skillfully on GuoJing's Classical.

Also finalized his guitar order :-
German spruce too
Maple b/s
Mahogany neck
Torres headcrest
Chosed his rosette
Binding up to me
Only want to keep the shape of the pg 20 guitar in the book he gave me.

Done all but talk about $!

Had dinner at Savere French restaurant in Pervis Street.

Touro Kobayashi in SG

Kevin called yesterday and I spoke to Koba, welcoming him to SG again!

He wants to visit me in my studio this Tues!

Met Shital again

Got 4 more Ebony FB from Shital at IBIS hotel today.

Also met his wife and daughter.

Talked a bit on Hozen (he got suppliers in China) and Guangjin from Tombalek, he only want electric bodies, not FB which he wants slotted. ( he got them from LMI)

So that means:-
35 x $1.50 (RW FB) = $52
6 x $8 (Ebony FB = $48
Handling FREE


Visit Mr Goh

Tried his new Marian flamenco.

Got my angbao for the capo stand. $100!

Super hot day.

Tone Wood Fraud Seller visits Singapore

Made a preorder with this Indian RW supplier, which is way cheaper than Ashok!

Ordered 40pcs of RW FB for guitarron supports (for 20) and
RW bridge and 1 Grade A luthier set.

But Shital Goradia came in at 9+ instead of 8:30am and brought only 33 RW FB, 8 thinner ones, 5 RW bridges and 2 ebony (1 jet black 1 brown!) FB.

He only charge me for 35 RW FB and 2 ebony FB - $2 x 35 + $8 x 2 + shipping = US$100 or S$137.

We chatted well and further chat at 111 coffeeshop about guitar productions info, like Gibson and Fenders produced in India. I also ask to work with him to sell his wood.

He will be giving me a list of price breakdown.

We parted and he suggested having dinner on Sunday night with each others family.

Interesting meeting.

Luthiery time saver - bandsawing the back profile

Till today, I was using the chisel to cut to the line for the back.

Then it struck me to use the bandsaw, my new bandsaw which have been with me for at least 6 months already! B ut seriously this is the first build since then! (last one was Jeanne's)

Completed the task in the same timeI was shaving by chisel at the lower bout.

Guitarron support sale

Kevin came to collect sample of my guitarron support.

Whatsapp me to order 6 in the afternoon. I got $90 for each one. Selling for $120. PTL!

What's more, I have exactly 12 Rosewood finger boards from Repe and the Indian supplier whom I met! PTL!

Another luthierie mistake!

Glued on the linings before profiling the sides to 15 radius to take the back.

Result - uneven linings, thickest at waist and tapering to the tail and heel!!! Just looks odd, but I'll be reinforcing where the linings gets thin.

Stayed for guitar making till 10pm!

After Hooi left, from his 17th session with me as a making student, I decided to cut my own continuous lining, for the first time, using my Makita table saw!

Wow, after 6months, I realized this machine screams to a super fast speed!

I succeeded in the cutting, though with the 2.5mm big kerf blade. However, due to my not perfectly even thickness in the 4 linings I cut at once, the depth were not deep enough. I had to manually file them down with a squared profile needle file.

I decided to stay on to glue the lining to the Wilfred guitar, after drying fitting (rather had to wet it to not break) them to the mold.

Glued them up and the continuous preaching by Pastor Prince have such peace in the whole process!  I have him on the whole time today, even when Hooi's around! Praise Jesus! Hooi even had his miracle for fixing his neck mistakes and finally carved it complete today!