Kevin collects Guitarron and Cembalo

Also seriously asked me about cheaper models - $2-3k range.

And also making the other guitar orchestra instruments.

He's feeling his margin too low with Koba.

Neck making

The excess wood behind the heelblock is being cut on my new 'toy" - a Metabo bandsaw.
Oh what fun. Easy and fast!
The neck up till now. Back to the bench for measurements.

New drill Bosch

Bought Bosch drill GBM 10 RE after the old Dove 850W impact drill finally konkout!
From Horme Hardware

Guitar Repair #170 - Bridge Re-glue - Andalusian - Flamenco

Need special precautions for the super delicate bridge wings,
which is not thicker than the steel spatula I use to pry this up.
It came out and glued back very nicely.

Guitar Repair #169 - Setup - Lang Sheng - Acoustic

China guitar. High action at nut and higher action under 1st string at 12th fret than the bass, which is ok.

Selection of soundboard, back and sides. Back and soundboard jointed

Selected soundboard, sides & back.

Back being planed for the perfect joint.

The 2-piece bookmatched Paulownia back being glued.

Here is the jointed back. I used animal glue.

Here are the jointed back and soundboard.

Cut to rough shape. Soundboard. Sides. Back.

Closeup of your bookmatched sides.

Candy to be adopted today - 27th May ~ 25 June 2014

Put Candy up for adoption at Gumtree under "Freebies" yesterday.

Praise Jesus, as I have declared. Candy will be adopted today! 5 responses! 2nd person got it, as first one wants me to deliver to him - a boy!

I put her up for trade under rabbits in Gumtree and Locanto but no response.
Yesterday, under Freebies, snap up in less than an hour.

I pray Candy go to a better home in Jesus' name.

Bought 10 budgies from breeder

My breeding "career" started early. Only a week ago, was tellign JY that it might be a great retirement plan.

But a locanto ad for 3 breeding pairs and 4 free babies, got me buying it today straight away!

804 Woodlands St. 81

Acoustic Guitar Template

The shape of my first acoustic came about by tracing the shape of my 40 year old "Segovia" branded acoustic, plus the acoustic plan in the Cumpiano book to tighten up the waist.

I made the template out the plywood that came with the Hawaiian Koa ukulele set.

This was supposedly an all-Paulownia acoustic build. KIV for now...

My first pet rabbit

Did I as a child had a rabbit before? Umm, if not, this is my first.

Giveaway off a Gumtree freebies ad. I must have responded first to clinch this rabbit onSunday night, ten over minutes after it was posted, with only 9 views then.

If not for Basis 4, I would have picked it up yesterday. But God have left this blessing for today, as I had another blessing yesterday-Roy giving me his best wishes to "take the 3% as a blessing"!!!

Praise You, Jesus.

On the way to 341B Sembawang Close, on the North-South line, reaching YewTee...

Tiger x 2

Now drinking at Chinatown market. In my second bottle, realized how low I have lived during the past 5 years, drinking the dregs!!!

Seriously, am I remembering my father here?

...maybe first time only...alcohol demon lurking...

Start of Ngoh Guitar in batches of 6 ~ Nos 5-10

Today, start my first building in batches, though they are varied in design.

5 All-Paulownia - Jesus ~ New Creation Church
6 Romanillos IRW/Spruce - Wilfred Chan
7 Torres FE10A Maple/Spruce - Toru Kobayashi (Japan)
8 All-Paulownia Acoustic - Elaine Quek
9 All-Paulownia - Disem (HK)
10 All-Paulownia - Sal Bonavita (Aus)

Shot #5 back and top. Animal glued the back

Mr Goh at West Coast Plaza

Met him again after a week. This time, he brought his David Merrin. Incredible bass, "tight", to me very deep, almost like the Oldigies' La Leona from Patrick Lee.

After 2.5 hours of playing at 2 shops, we negotiated for my guitar.

He wanted me to take Euro 2,200 (S$3,750) (Alexandru Marian's price) as he take the tuner, case and b/s wood.

But I insisted last price of S$5k.

I asked him to think about it.

I felt I should have closed him by succumbing, but, on Jeanne's SMS just now, to price my work confidently and Manuel's suggestion that I may set above  $6,800, I decided to stay firm.

I felt a little bad that this may sour our relationship, but rather than succumb to his low balling, feel less confident and and putting less on the dinner table!

Thank You Lord, I ask you for Your favour with Mr Goh to accept my price and maybe pay me more!!! Amen!

14th May
Mr Goh called me - said because I didn't respond fast enough to his whatsapp yesterday, he ordered his guitar with Alexandru Marian instead - a 1936 Fleta copy, with flamed maple.

It was a blow to me at first. But I am glad that JY divinely told me that she was glad I did not compromise my price which can come back to haunt me in future.

PTL for a prudent and wise wife!!!

I felt set free!!! Praise Jesus.

Guitar Repair #162 - Loose Brace/Bridge Re-glue - China Martin - Acoustic

X brace loose near the centre causing bridge wings on treble side to come apart.

X-brace glued
Bridge removed and reglued
Nut file down and super glued to raise 2nd and 6th string
Bridge file in ramps for more break angle
Oil bridge

Guitar Repair #156 ~ #161 - Bridge Re-glue/Various Cracks Repair - Aria - 5 Altos 1 Prime

1) Bridge removal/Re-glue
2) Crack repair- Top, left, 6”

1) Bridge removal/Re-glue
2) Crack repair- Side badly crushed 9" bass side
1) Crack repair- Top, centre, crushed
2) Crack repair- Top, behind bridge
3) Crack repair- Top, left of bridge

1) Crack repair – Side , 2”--no work needed!
2) Bridge removal/Re-glue

1) Fret ends loose- more than 10 frets

top crack 31/2" lower bout(bass)

5th Ngoh Guitar (#6) Order - NO DEPOSIT Touru Kobayashi Torres 1859 FE10A

Finally replied my email on Feb 8th 2014 and ask me to refer to the book he gave me through Kevin Yeo, "Guitar Collection in Japan".

Steve Foo Erhu-Guitar idea...

Steve called just now, a week after he visited.

He as in Paragon watching an erhu performance and he thought an erhu silhouette on the guitar might tell my story in a visual way.

Luthiery in 2014 so far...

...been waking up at 6am and off to the workshop!
...unable to renew GAL through PayPal.