Guitar Repair #107 - Setup - Ryoji Matsuoka M18 - Classical

Ryoji Matsuoka M18

Already quite low yet the action is still on high side.

It was 7/32"+! Brought it down by more than 1/32".

Two screws missing on either sides

Laminated top, elaborate rosette. Sound was ok. Good highs for a laminated top.

Matthias' guitar "sold" and propose elevated fingerboard build

This morning, after a relax drive to send jy to work, and successfully locating & purchasing the alumininm sanding beam (3" x 1" U-beam. T-beam cheaper by almost 10 bucks is out of stock), went for my crowning appt.

Bad news - impression mould not clear enough, do again what we did 2 weeks ago!!!! Local anaesthesia n all!!!

After completing, I drove to Matthias', without warning them, and told them - "I have "completed" and "sold" the Classical guitar at full price to another buyer. But will build him one with an elevated fingerboard"!!!

A lie that gave a bit, not much, of a relief. Maybe it's a sin that's why. Though, they are other ways to buy time.

Jesus, thank You that all my sins are forgiven. Help me to build with grace and speed. Amen.