Paulownia tree (Paulownia Tomentosa), royal Paulownia tree sighting

Monday, May 25, 2009

Having the pleasure to work with the splendid Paulownia timber, I have yet to see her standing in life. I discovered something quite interesting this morning that might changed that.

While spending father-son time, out at a neighbourhood playground . I realised little new shrubs planted not too long ago. It seemed to look like something I've known for a long time, yet not knowing what it is.

Then, it dawned on me that it might be a young Paulownia tree!

Paulownia,Paulownia Tree,Paulownia tomentosa
The flowers and the leaves does have resemblances to the references I have about this "royal empress tree", as some call it.

Paulownia,Paulownia Tree,Paulownia tomentosa
The flowers seem a giveaway sign, and the leaves, don't they look like it?

Can you tell if this is truly the Paulownia Tree (paulownia tomentosa)? If so, you will know where my new fav spot will is!

In the words as inscribed on the face frets of an Elizabethan lute:-

I was alive in the forest
I was cut by the cruel axe
In life I was silent
In death I sweetly sing

To Paulownia Tree: I am sorry that I might have missed you by in life. But I'll make it up to you, by making you sing in death.

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