Sal's Flamenco - Assembly (preparation and installation of back linings)

Back linings are solid linings of two-ply laminations.

While the linings dry, the sides are given a thorough sand down with a large sanding board to create a lengthwise arch.

Linings on the treble side is glued on.

I leave the glue to dry up overnight.

Next, the installation is given a final sand down, prior to receiving the back. (see the lengthwise arch against the flat sanding board?)

Back linings completed.

first football match at jalan besah stadium

today, i went for my first football match at jalan besah stadium - AFC Champions League Match between Singapore Armed Forces FC (SIN) 0-2 Suwon Samsung Bluewings (KOR) FT.

saw 3 korean female students and another 3 korean ladies with another man, from lavender mrt, they all also on the way to the match!

i bought mineral water, but had to finish it at the gate! met a chinese guy, who went to the wrong gate which was for grandstand. we walked and chatted casually about the football, but i lost him when we went into the stadium. the stadium was very small.
but the pitch was so beautiful. green as green can be and the grandstand is mini but grand.

the gallery seats were chairs, not wood planks. the whole place was small and cosy.

first time jalan besah, first time singapore club match, first time afc champion league!

btw, gallery seats not toilet, use opposite kopi tiam!

Sal's Flamenco - Assembly (hold-down caps for brace ends)

A spanish cedar blank using the side, that it will live with, as perfect sanding surface for the curve on its back.

After further shaping, two pairs of hold-downs for the two full-size cross braces of the top is complete.

They are glued and hand pressed for seven five seconds for the glue to cure. But I left them with cam clamps for another 30 minutes.

Clamps removed. (They are also left tall, to add provide some stiffness to the thin sides.)

Sal's Flamenco - Assembly (gluing sides to top)

Top ready to received her sides...

The tailblock is glue to its position at the same time.

The woodblocks are clamp down with cam clamps to hold down the gluing sides. The solid linings and the sides provide almost ten millimetre of gluing surface.

Sal's Flamenco ~ tailblock

Tailblock is rough shaped to accept continuous linings.

Final shaping by sanding.

Sal's Flamenco ~ preparation and gluing of linings to the sides

Solid linings are used for the of top/side and back/side assembly.

They are bent over a hot pipe to the required shape in three laminations for a stiff perimeter.

These cuts on the linings facilitates a continuous lining all around the perimeter. The open 'V' will take the tailblock.

Completed linings...

...waiting to be mated to the sides.

The linings are being glued.

Bamboo pegs. Stiff enough for a perfect gentle clamp.

Clamps removed the next day.

The linings are smoothed sanded and correctly notched to receive the lower and upper traverse bars of the top, before they are glue to the sides.